KWX-N32A20C3-V3F (Individually Outlets Fused, Switched PDU)

KWX-N32A20C3-V3F Individually Outlets Fused, 0U 20 Port IEC60309 32A input 230V serial/internet 20 x lockable IEC-C13 Total PDU Current Monitoring, Outlet Level Switching.

Rack mountable 20 way vertical individually outlets fused lockable IEC C13, Outlets Power Switching PDU. KWX Individually Outlets Fused Switching PDU series is the new generation of Intelligent Fused PDU. It combines network power distribution and environmental monitoring technology; it provides real-time remote power consumption of total current load and voltage. KWX provides per outlet switching. Total Power consumption, voltage, apparent power and power factor. Receive SNMP-based or email alerts when power or environmental surroundings go above the thresholds. Assign access rights to user groups or individuals. KWX INDFS products provide the necessary flexibility, with embedded multithreading inner core RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems), the software supports multitask and multiuser access. RTOS software supports also various TCP/IP protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, SMTP etc.


  • temperature and humidity sensor
  • smoke sensor
  • water logging sensor
  • infrared sensor (Intrusion Detection)
  • rack door sensor



  • total current
  • total kWh
  • input voltage
  • environment humidity
  • environment smoke
  • water logging
  • infrared monitoring
  • door monitoring.


Alarm settings:

  • total current threshold alarm
  • temperature and humidity alarm,
  • smoke alarm
  • water logging alarm
  • infrared alarm
  • rack door alarm



Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 1714 × 60 × 80 cm


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