KWX-N16A8C3-H1F Total Current Monitoring 1U 8 Port 16A commando input 230V serial/internet 8 x lockable IEC-C13 Individual fused Outlets.

PDU eXperts KWX-Network series is the latest generation of Intelligent power distribution units designed and manufactured to meet the demands of today’s data center and telecommunications equipment. PDU eXperts intelligent KWX-PDU management software enables the administrator to give designated users predetermined control over whole PDUs or even single outlets over a range of PDUs. Users have the ability to monitor and control directly through the PDUs network module on site, or remotely using our embedded multi-threading inner core “Real time operating systems” (RTOS) software. The management software is accessible within the data centers secure hardwired network supporting various TCIP/IP protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP versions 1,2 & 3, TELNET, SSH, SMTP and NTP.

Key Features:
Adjustable sequential powering (on)-Total current monitoring-Total voltage input & output monitoring-Total kWh used • Power factor recognition-Up to 55°C Hot aisle operating capacity-SMS, SNMP & Email-Effortless user friendly PDU management interface-16A IEC-320 C20 input 230V-8 x lockable IEC C13 Individually fused Outlets

Built in environmental monitoring as standard:

Temperature & humidity alarm sensor-Rack door tamper sensor-Infrared sensor”intrusion detection”-Smoke detector sensor-Automated alarm notifications-Up to 8 plug and play sensors-Lockable IEC C13 sockets as standard-Blade server ready-Intelligent outlet type and recognition-24v & 48v DC, Single phase 120v & 240v & 3 phase 400v
Built in environmental monitoring as standard:


  • temperature and humidity sensor
  • smoke sensor
  • water logging sensor
  • infrared sensor (Intrusion Detection)
  • rack door sensor


  • total current
  • total kWh
  • input voltage
  • environment humidity
  • environment smoke
  • water logging
  • infrared monitoring
  • door monitoring

Alarm settings:

  • total current threshold alarm
  • temperature and humidity alarm,
  • smoke alarm
  • water logging alarm
  • infrared alarm (intrusion detection)
  • rack door alarm
Dimensions 440 × 45 × 200 cm


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