PDUeX-MN-16A-16V – 16 port (14x IEC C13 & 2x IEC C19) metered power distribution unit
The PDUeX series provides free PDU management software that allows Datacentre Manager to monitor and control multiple PDUs.

PDUeX-MN-16A-16V allows an administrator to monitor PDU power consumption information from a remote terminal and interface. Combine Power Distribution with the ability to monitor network equipment power draws. Each PDUeX-MN-16A-16V series has a LED digital display indicator which provides an accurate, real-time reading of the aggregate power load in amps on each power circuit in the rack. This can be helpful if a remote machine has gone into a power overload state and an administrator can handle immediately to avoid power failure.
Information provided by the PDUeX-MN-16A-16V is displayed at the strip via Digital True RMS Current Meter LED display, and remotely via a Web browser. PDUeX-MN-16A-16V products give the necessary flexibility for all datacenters, comms rooms and remote sites; and protocols such as: HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, DHCP, UDP.


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